Vintage Unused Postage Stamp Collection in Tin

Instant collection of unused vintage postage stamps packaged in an old tin.

Collection consists of 75 different vintage postage stamps with face value ranging from $0.01 - $0.45 - one each of the stamps shown. The most popular and requested stamps in my shop are included, such as the 1967 teal stamp with Mississippi's Magnolia and the 1981 saguaro cactus. All postage stamps are in excellent vintage condition and can be used as valid postage on any letter or package in the United States.

You pick the vintage tin perfect for your stamp collection. All tins are in very good to excellent vintage condition with some minor dings and scratches. The Glover's Condition Pills for Dogs tin does have rust, but this tin was too cute and unusual to not include! All tins measure a few inches across.