Yellow Floral - Vintage Postage Stamps for 5 Envelopes

Unused vintage stamps that can be used as valid postage on your wedding invitations, pen pal letters, baby shower invites, or any other special note or package.

This collection includes enough vintage postage to mail 5 one-ounce letters, each with the five piece Yellow Floral stamp set shown.

5 - 1960 Giuseppe Garibaldi
5 - 1998 Blue Paloverde
5 - 1969 Botanical Congress
5 - 1969 Plant for More Beautiful Highways
5 - 1954 George Washington

Envelopes not included. Vintage postage stamps are ready to adorn your own cards, letters, and invitations.

Looking for something a little different? Contact me to design a custom stamp collection just right for your needs. I'm happy to work with you to find the perfect stamps for projects of any size, whether it's a large event or just to send pretty letters to your friends.

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